Sunday, December 13, 2009

St. Jude, Protector of the Hopeless

Trip to the grocery store this morning almost left me in tears. I was all prepared with my stack of coupons and grocery list. It seems like everything is so expensive right now. But I think that's because I have a lot less cash flow coming through. It is stressful looking at all the meat and trying to figure out what's the best deal for your buck with all these prices staring at you.

I nearly lost it when I couldn't find the bars of soap. Not next to the body wash, or shampoo, or shaving cream. After walking around the aisle several times I finally found someone that worked there who told my bars of soap where on the aisle with insecticide and cat food. Of course it is, why didn't I put two and two together?

Right when I felt the tears welling up I found myself walking past the Jesus candles. Although I am not a Catholic, an agnostic really, I looked at all the santos until I found St. Jude Patron Saint of the Hopeless. When I got home I read the prayer on the back and did the sign of the cross. Can't hurt, right? Not to be irreverent, I did find comfort in the fact that I am not the only one that feels hopeless. It's the same reason I wear a St. Rita pendent around my neck that I never take off.

But Mr. Jude, if you do really have it in with the Big Guy put a good word in for me. I want a job. I want work that matters in the big scheme of things. I want to feel useful. And I want to get out of the grocery store with my sanity intact. Amen.

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  1. i keep repeating this... "work is worship" (bahai proverb). because by virtue of work u are getting paid to be around the same people (your coworkers) to accomplish the same mission (making the employer GROW in resources, whether restaurant, walmart, or union).

    even waiting tables MATTERS. shit, if it weren't for all those taco bell workers, us indian kids would've starved a long time ago.

    put it another way, u don't need to pay 'dues' to build community. u just gotta be you -- grace gribble.