Sunday, December 27, 2009

Get Ready, Reset, Go!

I start my new job tomorrow. That's right, my NEW job. In case you missed the tweet Christmas morning I got an email offering the position I had interviewed for last Monday. I will be serving as an office manager for a medical device firm here in San Antonio. I finally will be making decent money after a ten month search and some wrong turns.

2009 sure has been a rocky year, but I always reserve the power to hit the "reset" button. Starting over is usually scary, often painful, but all too often a necessity. However, I have found that starting over gives you another chance. Staying in a bad situation does not.

This time, I am happy to say, nothing is scary about starting something new. I have spent the last ten months on getting educated about what it's like trying to make it in the USA. Not easy. Most employers think we still have slave labor here and think of us as worker #1 or worker #2 than Grace who is working on her Political Science degree and has a background in Non-profits.

The journey is not over yet, I will be finishing my degree this semester on top of working full-time. The task is a bit daunting but I'm tired of saying I almost have a degree in Poli-Sci and a minor in business. In my next life I will take all the boring classes first. That way when I'm ending my college career the fun ones are all the last ones - and not Spanish IV.

I still have several weeks until I get a paycheck, so the next few are going to be tight. But I am very grateful to have finally found this opportunity after so many dead ends and wrong turns. I would say it was a comedy of errors but there has been nothing funny about the stress, the bills, the groceries, etc. Times are tough. I'm looking forward to sunnier skies ahead.