Monday, December 21, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

So I lost my job at the restaurant. However, my interview went really well. I have another interview tomorrow. However, I really want the one I interviewed for today. You don't often hear people go on and on about ethics and transparency - especially on job interviews. This company seems to have a vision that goes beyond the bottom line. That's a quality that is, unfortunately, very difficult to find.

This year's employment odyssey has gotten me into some strange situations. I turned down a job that would have taken me out of Texas, I got laid off, and I spent 7 months of my life working at a rich guy's tax shelter disguised as a hotel. I would say this year has had more downs than ups. But I'm feeling hopeful.

Waiting tables was a good lesson in humility and helped pay some bills. I am looking forward to a real salary and some of the things I have been missing during my sojourn from real employment. Like haircuts, trips to Marble Slab, and Target splurges. Having "hit the skids" so to speak, I will not take those luxuries for granted in the future. That is, if I get one of these jobs. Otherwise, it's back to waiting tables for me. Luckily, downtown San Antonio has a plethora of restaurants and the industry always has high turnover.

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