Friday, December 11, 2009

Can I Stop & Get Directions?

Sometimes I throw up my hands and wonder where the fuck my life is going! My yearly net pay has fallen every year since I left college. I recently left a dead end job that where I was grossly underpaid to see what else was out there. There is not much out there.

I do, however, possess a job. A low-paying one, but I am not one of the many unemployed. But this is definitely a temporary endeavor. I'm impressed with the restaurant, it's food, but not it's traffic. I came home today and looked for office jobs on the internet.

So where to now? I never expected to be here. I'm 28 and waiting tables. I'm feeling a bit depressed. Trying to figure out what the fuck I did wrong. I am actively trying to dig myself out of this hole. What direction do I dig in? Anyone got a clue?

This is exhausting. I feel like Charlie Brown with the storm cloud over my head. Good grief! I keep hearing that Diana Ross song from Mahogany, the one that goes "do you know where you're going to? To you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to? Do you know?" Well Miss Ross, the answer is an emphatic NO with two snaps.


  1. Heck I'm Old Smart and Educated and I can't find a job.

  2. i don't know if you'd want to move from one restaurant to another, but i'll be hiring a cashier in January.