Friday, July 1, 2011

A Day in The Life of The Unemployed

I usually wake up around ten, and roll over to see if the dog is awake yet. He always is and ready to go outside. So I put some clothes on, find my sunglasses, and follow him around for 15 or 20 minutes. I lure him back into the house with some duck jerky. Then I put my pajamas back on, head for the couch, and try to decide if I'm in the mood for vampires, wizards, or aliens. Lately, its been vampires.

So I spend the better part of the day on the couch watching tv and playing wordfeud on my phone. Sometimes I take a nap. Or I reflect upon how pathetic my life has become and convince myself god is punishing me. And then I remind myself there is no god, perhaps I was a horrible person in a past life. Who knows. All I know is this situation feels like an affliction.

Some days I wake up and don't want to get out of bed at all. I get more and more reclusive as my depression takes a stronger grip. When I finally can't take being cooped up anymore I'll go out to the local watering hole. And I feel worse the next day.

It's confusing, I finally graduated college for nothing. There are no jobs. It seems like a cruel joke. I was already to start something new and there isn't anything to start. Except maybe a load of laundry. My house feels like my asylum.

People keep telling me my luck will change and the perfect job is right around the corner. Please stop saying this to me. I want to burst into tears every time I hear it because nothing is happening. Why is hitting 30 feel like hitting a brick wall?

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