Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Think I've Been Stood Up

My interview that I lost my restaurant gig over on Monday was supposed to call me by Wednesday. It's 2:57 p.m. the day before Christmas Eve. I doubt anyone is still in the office, or that I'll be receiving a phone call. Why did I swear off smoking (again) yesterday?

My stomach is tied in knots and my heart is pounding. This job could have really put life back in order for me. Plus, I thought the interview had gone REALLY well. Ugh, I feel awful. And disheartened. And frustrated. And blue. Merry effing Christmas.

I got stood up in college and I told the motherfucker off the next time he called me. i don't think that approach is going to work. And I might not get the chance. Oh hell, what to do now? My persistence is wearing thin.


  1. I was supposed to hear back on an interview this week as well. Not holding my breath either but also not letting something beyond my control get me down either.

  2. I recommend you call them. Show them that you are eager. You won't be bothering them. Just phrase it as though you are following up. I've had this happen many times. Everyone is tied up with end of the year items and things slip through.