Sunday, January 3, 2016

desperatelyseekingnormality: Open Carry in #Texas is now LEGAL....


Open Carry in #Texas is now LEGAL.

I’ve been attacked by a man with a gun. It was bought legally. He had a concealed weapons license. He had U.S. infantry training. He also was deemed “unfit” to join both the Houston Police Department and the US Border Patrol. He was allowed to own a gun, but no longer fit to use it for work. One night he got angry, pinned me to the ground and put his gun to my head and screamed he’d kill me. Later, he threatened to come to my office and start shooting. He still holds his concealed weapons permit and can now carry in the open. Hope you don’t run across him. And you think because someone holds a concealed weapons license they must be mentally stable enough to handle a gun? Think again.

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